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Marriage of Social Media & HR Cloud Software

Innovative solutions in Vacation Tracking Software

Imagine a platform where social media and company news can be integrated with your employee’s day to day activities through an internal website. In the social age, where HR software is becoming more and more sophisticated, companies like are now offering more advanced solutions to help HR departments track and organize their employees more effectively. One proven and effective resolution is to offer cloud-based software that HR can track employee attendance, track employee vacation, and perform all HR application functionalities from anywhere in the world at any time.

CommonOffice is now offering a platform where employees would be able to share ideas, interact through projects and collaborate more easily in one place. For example, employees can easily find and contact internal candidates that match the skills they’re looking for in potential global project collaborations and benefit from knowledge sharing. This will produce an interactive, business, social media platform for your organization. This would be a huge advantage in developing employee synergy and exchanging ideas to help optimize your employees’ full potential.

In addition, management would be able to get real time updates on employee projects without the hassle of follow ups and meetings, which can often take time away from other tasks. HR can also easily manage employee records, on boarding process, termination, change staff benefits, view employees’ education, experience and so much more.
Look out for the next innovation from that will be sure to change the HR software landscape and find out why people are switching to HR software.

About, Inc. specializes in developing user-friendly, corporate grade web applications with a 13-year track record of reliability in Human Resources Software. offers powerful cloud based team ware applications for Employee Vacation Tracking, Employee Portal, HR Transactions, attendance tracking, employee training tracking, resource reservation, expense reports, timesheet software and recruitment software. applications are created specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. Our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a secure, cost-effective, and scalable web-based solution.


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