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2013 a Flagship Year for Cloud-Based HRIS Leader,

Commonoffice a leading provider of vacation tracking software has evolved and now has been engaged with a lot of innovations particularly integrating into a cloud-based HR software. The company has announced that 2013 was a record making year. We have more than 127,000 registered employees using the system from all around the world. In the 2013 we have start working with major organization like Four Seasons Hotel and Price Waterhouse Consulting in Canada. We are also working on a huge deal to supply Government of Canada with software for HRIS and employee vacation request form. In addition to vacation tracking software we offer our clients “add-ons” that could be effective and beneficial for their business.

Commonoffice is well-positioned as cloud HRIS and Attendance tracking software, going into 2014. We recognize the growing importance of treating human resource information as an enterprise asset and provided business with the ability to view, monitor and capture employee vacation tracker in order to become truly modern organizations. Currently, companies around the world are seeing the value of this, and we must work aggressively to keep up with the demand. We feel we were one of the first Cloud based organization who developed employee vacation tracking software.

Commonoffice have worked efficiently on the product that they have been introducing since then. The time tracking applications modernizes any time tracking process, helping customers comply with labor regulations, manage project costs and eliminates time sheet errors.

Commonoffice also grew so fast that we have big companies to name a few Christian Dior, Four Season Hotel, Manulife, Rag and Bone, Price Waterhouse, Aviva Insurance, TD Bank, New York University, Mount Sinai hospital, Mars innovation, that has been using our products

These companies believed in the efficacy of what Commonoffice is offering. How it changed their system and how the system maximized their productivity,

What can my organization achieve in cloud-based setup set up?
A cloud-based HR system allows you to do your human resource daily actions, but far more efficiently, collaboratively and in real-time.
• Manage organization Paid Time off and Vacation tracking software
• Track my employee’s attendance and document their timesheets and Time off.
• Track your talent and manage your recruitments process in
• Track all the internal and external training courses and organize the company certifications.
• Enable the employees to have access employee vacation request form
• Update the key personal information for each individual in the HRIS system.
• Organize and manage future leave of absence, employee attendance tracker.
• Broadcast and manage Employee Holiday Tracker.
• Full view of HR data: From salary and pension schemes to accident, injury and right to work, all records held electronically in the cloud can be accessed easily and searched in seconds, while still maintaining compliance with data protection law.

About, Inc. specializes in developing user-friendly, corporate grade web applications with a 13-year track record of reliability in Human Resources Software. offers powerful cloud based team ware applications for Employee Vacation Tracking, Employee Portal, HR Transactions, attendance tracking, employee training tracking, resource reservation, expense reports, timesheet software and recruitment software. applications are created specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. Our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a secure, cost-effective, and scalable web-based solution.


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