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COMMONOFFICE AS A CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE Ltd. started offering a cloud computing service known as Vacation Tracking Software for Christian Dior, as one of the North America’s largest absentee tracking company ventures into fashion related services.

At least eighty different organizations from the fashion industry including the infamous Rag Bone Co., are able to utilize Attendance Tracking services by using CommonOffice cloud computing service, according to an e-mailed statement from the North American based company yesterday.

CommonOffice is branching out their Absentee Tracking Software for many different industries, including financial institutions, health care institutions and educational facilities to name a few, as it promotes Vacation tracking, which handles at least 1.1 Million transactions per year in North America. In the United States, more than 117,000 employees use Time Off Tracking software, a system that provides online tracking for small to mid-sized organizations, with flexibility and customization tailored specifically to each company’s needs. has realized that moving a company to a cloud-computing service is typically faster than old corporate software installations, which can take years to implement and requires the services of expensive consultants.

This is one of Commonoffice’s features. Every bit of information is based in the cloud. All you need is a browser, accessed anytime anywhere. As 80% of a company’s employees like to bring their own device to work, solutions will provide the flexibility to access the data from home, mobile or office.

With cloud computing you are assured that information is safe and protected. More than 30 expert system administrators are working every day to make sure your information is secured. In addition, the system will give you flexibility to access the information and retrieve it right away from any location. The organization can carry out tasks more efficiently because CommonOffice is not bound by big software upgrades.
Innovations have been rapidly evolving most recently with small companies and that’s what we specialize in. Commonoffice is dedicated to making things happen, to serve its clients in the best way possible and to integrate various services that could benefit your business.

About, Inc. specializes in developing user-friendly, corporate grade web applications with a 13-year track record of reliability in Human Resources Software. offers powerful cloud based team ware applications for Employee Vacation Tracking, Employee Portal, HR Transactions, attendance tracking, employee training tracking, resource reservation, expense reports, timesheet software and recruitment software. applications are created specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. Our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a secure, cost-effective, and scalable web-based solution.


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